Titan Transfer

Follow the Titan Transfer steps to complete your transfer experience. If you have questions as you complete the transfer process, please feel free to email or call us at (920) 424-0404. We look forward to meeting you when you arrive on campus.

NOTE: Our transfer process is Web supported. You will not be receiving any printed materials or letters.

Step 1: Submit Tuition Deposit

In order to continue your admission process, you will need to submit a $100 tuition deposit. Once the deposit is received and processed, you will be eligible to schedule an academic advising appointment, access your University email account and register for classes.

Within a week of your admission being processed, you will receive an email with a link to submit your tuition deposit.

If you do not receive this email, or if the deposit is a hardship at this time, please contact one of our transfer counselors at transfer@uwosh.edu or call (920) 424-0404.

Step 2: Access Titan Web

Titan Web is your student account from which you can enroll in classes, pay your tuition, manage your financial aid and generate reports.

Log In Instructions

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.18.55 PMFrom the UW Oshkosh homepage, hover over the Titan Services drop-down menu in the top navigation and then select “Titan Web.”

You also can access Titan Web by going to www.uwosh.edu/tw.

  • Your User ID is a: Capital “W” followed by your 7-digit student ID number.
  • Your default password is the: First two (2) letters of your first name, first two (2) letters of your last name and the last four (4) digits of your student ID number.Example:
    Name: Jane Doe
    Student ID: 0123456
    User ID = W0123456
    Password = JADO3456

Important Information

Passwords are case sensitive. Pay attention to upper and lowercase! Additionally, your password must contain six (6) or more characters and at least one (1) digit. It is highly recommended that you change your password immediately after your initial login. After you have finished changing your password, log out and log in again with your new password.

Titan Web Account Tutorials

If you would like more information on using the various features of your Titan Web account, tutorials are available on the Registrar’s website.

Step 3: Transfer Reports

Transfer Credit Report

Approximately two weeks after admission to UW Oshkosh, your transfer credits will have been reviewed and posted. You can see how your credits transferred by generating a Transfer Credit Report.

How to Generate Your Transfer Credit Report

1. Access your Transfer Credit Report. Once you are logged in to TitanWeb, click on the drop-down menu under “Grades, STAR & More“. Select “Transfer Credit: Report” and click the double-arrow button next to menu.

Access Transfer Report






2. If you do not have the “Academics” section on your Titan Web, please follow these instructions: Click on the “Self Service” link in the menu on the left side of the page.
self services



Click on the “View Transfer Credit Report” link that appears in the menu.
transfer credit report

STAR (Student Academic Report)

STAR is your degree progress report, which lists course requirements for the specific degree, major and minor (if applicable) you have declared. This report indicates which requirements you have already completed, including your transfer courses, as well as the requirements you have yet to fulfill.


How to Generate Your STAR

1. Once you are logged in to Titan Web, click on the drop-down menu under “Grades, STAR and More”.
STAR report







2. Select “STAR Report” and click the double arrow button next to the menu.
STAR Report grades



NOTE: Your STAR will not be accessible until we have received and processed your tuition deposit.

Step 4: Set up Web Accounts

As a student, you will have three different accounts that have different login requirements.

You’ve already logged in to TitanWeb via step 2, so this page will get you set up with the other two accounts: your NetID and Titan email.


Your NetID is used as a login for computer labs on campus, to access the D2L system, to sign up for housing, to access the WiFi, to utilize your My UWO Portal and as a login for various websites.

To access your NetID account:

  1. Go to the NetID password change website: https://netid.uwosh.edu/changePassword/
    You MUST change your password BEFORE you can log in for the first time.
  2. Make sure the “Change Password” circle is selected.
  3. Your username is the first part of your email address, which is the first five (5) letters of your last name, first letter of your first name and last two digits of your student ID number. Do not type “@uwosh.edu” after your username. (e.g. smithj00)
  4. Your current password is set to your 7-digit campus student ID number. (e.g. 0123456)
  5. Type in a new password and make sure it meets the criteria set on the right side of the page.
  6. Type new password again to confirm that it matches.
  7. Select the “Change Password” button.

Titan Email / Titan Apps

Your UW Oshkosh email account is extremely important, as it is considered the official method for communication at the University. The University expects that email communications will be received and read by students in a timely fashion and recommends checking this account at least twice per week.

Approximately two days after we receive your tuition deposit, your UW Oshkosh email account will be active and ready for use.  You can verify that your account has been created by searching for your name in the online directory: www.uwosh.edu/directory.  If you can find your name, you should have a functional UWO email, ready for use.

NOTE: Your UW Oshkosh email will be used to provide information about meeting with your academic adviser and is the only means of communication from our Financial Aid Office.

How to Access Your Email

  1. Go to www.uwosh.edu/titanapps.
  2. Click on the Login to TitanApps link on the right side of the page.
  3. Enter username@uwosh.edu. Your username is the first five (5) letters of your last name, the first letter of your first name and the last two (2) digits of your student ID number.
    : John Smith (student ID: 0000000) would be smithj00.
  4. Enter your password. Your initial password is your seven-digit student ID number.

Note: When logging into Titan Apps, make sure to include your full email address when logging in. (ex. smithj00@uwosh.edu)

Forget Your Password or Having Trouble Logging In?

Contact UW Oshkosh’s academic computing help desk at (920) 424-3020. They will be able to assist you. Please make sure to have your student I.D. number available before calling.

You can also visit the academic computing website for additional information on how to log in.

Step 5: Transfer Advising

Upon receipt of your $100 tuition deposit, you will receive an email (within a few days of receipt), which will list your next steps in the admissions process. It will be sent to the email address you provided on your application.

This email will include a link to an online advising appointment request form.

This first appointment will cover resources at UW Oshkosh, information regarding how your credits transferred and will apply to your selected degree and major, as well as what your academic plan for the upcoming semester will be.

Step 6: Register for Classes

Although it is advised, you do not need to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. In some cases, you may even be eligible to register for your courses before you are able to see an advisor.

If you do register without meeting with an advisor, it is still in your best interest to follow up with an advisor to confirm that your selected courses are going to help you achieve your desired educational path.

The date you are eligible to register for courses is determined by the number of credits you have completed. You can find this date in your Titan Web account under “Enrollment Dates” or on your STAR. This also will help you identify what courses you still need to complete.

On or after your enrollment date you will be able to register for classes using your Titan Web account. For further instruction on how to register for your courses, please refer to the Student Help Web page created by the Registrar’s Office. If you are unable to find the help you need on this website, please call the Registrar’s Office at (920) 424-3454.


How To Read Your STAR

Watch a quick tutorial on how to read your STAR

What is STAR?

Your STAR (Student Academic Report) is the official document we use at UW Oshkosh to chart your degree progress. Your STAR lists your general education and degree requirements, as well as the requirements associated with your declared major and minor. If you are exploring majors, your STAR will list general education requirements within a particular degree program.


What Does My STAR Reflect?

Your STAR is personalized to you and is updated continuously to reflect courses you have completed, UW Oshkosh coursework you have in progress as well as any changes made to your record. Courses in progress at another college or university and CLEP or AP scores do not appear on your STAR report until official transcripts or score reports have been processed. Use your STAR along with the degree planning guides available on the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) website to track your academic progress.


The Language of STAR

Your STAR uses a simple “OK” or “NO” indicator for each of your degree and general education requirements to signal which you have fulfilled and which ones you still need to complete. For general education, major or minor requirements with multiple components (for example, an area of requirement such as “Humanities”) a plus or minus sign will show up for each component. The final page of your STAR includes a helpful key for identifying course numbers, etc.


Make certain your STAR is correct

You are responsible for making sure that your STAR contains accurate, up-to-date information about your degree plan and major and minor. If you would like to make changes to your STAR, please visit the Undergraduate Academic Resource Center (UARC) and meet with your academic advisor, who will help you complete a request for change of degree, major or minor form. Changes to your major or degree plan are generally reflected on your STAR within 10 business days. Other changes, such as entering approved modifications to your current degree program and plan, may take longer.

Step 7: Orientation

Odyssey New Experience is the orientation program for new transfer students. The program aims to ease your transition into the UW Oshkosh community and provide you with valuable information about campus resources available to you.

More information is available – including dates, times and location – on the Dean of Students website. You also can expect an invitation to be mailed to you with similar details.

Step 8: Take Care of the Details

Titan Card

Once you have enrolled in a class, you will be able to obtain your UW Oshkosh student I.D. (also known as your Titan Card). To do so, you will need to go to Titan Central, located in Reeve Memorial Union, with a photo I.D.You also will need $20 to cover the cost of your Titan Card.

For more information on the uses of your Titan Card, visit Reeve Memorial Union.



Parking permits are available for commuter and resident students at various costs depending on your needs. To obtain a parking permit, stop by Parking Services located in the lower level of Blackhawk Commons.

For more information about parking permits, costs and parking maps, visit Parking Services.



University Books & More is our campus bookstore and is located in Reeve Memorial Union. To determine what textbooks you will need for an upcoming semester, visit the bookstore in person or online.

The website provides information on how to pre-order textbooks and identify what books you need for your courses. It also provides various textbook rental options and the textbook buy back program.


Financial Aid

Financial aid does not “transfer” so it is important to make sure you have followed the appropriate steps to receive financial aid at UW Oshkosh.

  • Fall transfer students should complete the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year as early as possible. The priority deadline at UW Oshkosh is March 15.
  • Spring transfer students who have already completed the FAFSA for the current academic year, simply need to log back into their FAFSA and add the UW Oshkosh school code (003920) in step three of the FAFSA. This will allow the Federal Processor to forward your information to the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office. It is your responsibility to notify your current school that you will not be receiving aid there for the spring semester.

IMPORTANT: Your UW Oshkosh email is the only form of communication used by the Financial Aid Office. Many emails will direct you to Titan Web to complete the financial aid process as well. Therefore, it is very important for you to utilize both campus email and Titan Web.

If you have any questions about your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (920) 424-3377 or fao@uwosh.edu.



The Wisconsin Board of Regents’ Housing Policy states that all students MUST live on campus unless they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Earned at least 48 credits by the first day of classes.
  • Lived on campus for four semesters (includes previous schools).
  • Will be 21 years old by the first day of class.
  • Commuting from a parent or legal guardian’s permanent home located within 45 miles of UW Oshkosh.
  • Married, veteran or single parent.


On Campus

If you will be living on campus, you can apply for housing online. Please be aware that you must have already submitted your $100 tuition deposit (step one) in order to begin your housing process. Visit the Residence Life website for more information.


Off Campus

The UW Oshkosh Student Association and Student Legal Services have partnered withplaces4students.com, an organization that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions for post-secondary students. This free service is an effective way to search for off-campus housing options.



Veterans are encouraged to contact the Veterans Resource Center at (920) 424-1804 orva@uwosh.edu or in person. The center is located in Dempsey Hall, room 130.

With proper documentation, all veterans are eligible to receive credit based upon certain types of military experience. It is standard for all veterans to receive two credits for Phy Ed 105 – a required course in all degree programs – as well as two credits of upper-level health elective for completion of basic training. Additional credit may be awarded for certain types of military education based upon an evaluation of completed work.

To receive credit, a military transcript or DD214 must be supplied to the Admissions Office.